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ScotDance Canada will always make decisions from a position of fairness and due diligence, while taking a methodical and precautionary approach in order to protect our dancers, their families, volunteers, professional members, competition organizers, judges, pipers and the general public.


Organizers of our sanctioned events are following current municipal, provincial and federal public health orders in order to protect not only those within our highland dancing community, but to those who may attend our events from outside the highland dancing community.


At this time, all participants 12 years of age and older are required to provide proof of vaccination prior to entering facilities where our events are held unless provincial health orders and/or facilities stipulate competitors of a certain age do not need to provide proof of vaccination. As well, all participants are required to acknowledge a good health declaration and Covid-19-specific waiver prior to entering facilities on the day of the event.


Where exemptions are permitted under the provincial public health orders, for those unable to be vaccinated and/or have medical or other exemptions, we have provided accommodation by allowing these individuals to provide proof of a negative Covid test prior to entering facilities where a sanctioned event is held. The test result needs to be provided from a test site approved by the Minister of Health and completed within 72 hours from the start date of the event.


Solidarity around a common goal of health and safety will benefit all participants who attend our sanctioned events.



December 2021