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July 7 to 11, 2024
Kamloops, BC

Hotel bookings open July 15, 2023

Entries open March 15, 2024


sdccs 2024 kamloops logo

About the Logo Design

The design of the 2024 SDCCS logo reflects the landscape of the City of Kamloops, which comes from the Secwépemc word Tk’emlúps meaning “where the rivers meet”, and refers to the convergence of the North and South Thompson rivers near Mount Peter and Mount Paul.

Artist Inspiration Statement
Laura Saul, Indigenous Artist Collaborator

This design aims to showcase an important part of Secwépemc tradition – oral history and the storytelling of legends. The legends retold in short form here were read and heard from Freda Jules and Peter Michel, respectively. Within the sun is Coyote, who is asked to take over the sun’s job by the request of the people who aren’t pleased with their current sun. He proves only to be worthy of replacing, as he gets too close to the ground, making it too hot, and calls out anything he sees the people doing wrong. He is replaced by a bird, Red-shafted Flicker, who later lays an egg which is the sun as we know it today.

The salmon tails in the mountains are a nod to another legend involving Coyote, where he promises that if Bear teaches him to fish, then he will fish for the people. When Bear isn’t looking, Coyote fishes as fast as he can, amounting a large pile that he covers up when Bear approaches. This happens again with Coyote becoming too overzealous and creating an even bigger pile that doesn’t go unnoticed by Bear. This large, covered pile is Mount Peter, and the first, relatively smaller one is Mount Paul.