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Large Group Choreography: Sunday, July 7th (12pm Start)
Small Group Choreography: Wednesday, July 10th (Afternoon)


Number of Dancers: 3-7
Time Limit: 2 minutes (including entrances & exits)
Stage Size: 40′ wide x 20′ deep
Wings: 10′ on each side of stage


Number of Dancers: 8+
Time Limit: 2 minutes + 30 seconds (including entrances & exits)
Stage Size: 60′ wide x 20′ deep
Wings: 10′ on each side of stage

Rules: Choreography

  • Open to all dancers (Pre-Premier, Restricted Premier and Premier).
  • Rules as per the RSOBHD.
  • Online Entry Acceptance Date – March 29, 2024. No entries will be accepted prior to this date. Entries will be accepted online until June 9, 2024, or earlier if the maximum number of registrations are received.
  • The Choreography entry form must be completed by the teacher.
  • Each Choreography entry must be submitted online on a separate entry form and list the names of ALL professionals (teachers/studios) involved.
  • Judges who have students participating in team/joint choreographies must abide by the three (3) month teaching/judging rules as stipulated in the RSOBHD Constitution and Rules Book.
  • Dancer demographic information is not required at the time of registration.
  • The Google Form with Dancers’ full names, dates of birth, ages and RSOBHD dancer card numbers must be submitted within one (1) week of registration. For example, if a teacher submits the entry on April 1, then the Google Form must be submitted by April 8.
  • Failure to send complete dancer information within one week of registration will result in cancellation of entry with notice.
  • Small Group is 3-7 dancers with a maximum of 2 minutes including entrances and exits.
  • Large Group is 8 or more dancers with a maximum of 2.5 minutes including entrances and exits.
  • Teams may use props during their performance, either static or non-static, provided that they do not require set-up or take-down, but live animals are not permitted.
  • Maximum of 50 Small Groups (split into four age categories if numbers warrant) and 25 Large Groups (split into two age categories if numbers warrant). Average age per group will determine age categories.
  • If more than 50 Small Group or 25 Large Group entries are received, a waitlist will be established. Email with your request to be added to the waitlist. If, after entering, circumstances prevent your group from participating, please email as soon as possible to allow a group from the waitlist to compete.  Additional entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Organizing Committee.
  • All music must be submitted electronically by June 9, 2024 to Bring a backup copy on a memory stick to the event. No verbal communication with the sound technician will be permitted during the actual competition.
  • Individual dancers may enter a maximum of one (1) Small Group and one (1) Large Group Choreography.
  • Only those with proper accreditation will be allowed access behind the stage.
  • Stage dimensions and additional information will be published on

Adeline Duncan Challenge

Preliminaries: Monday, July 8th (Morning)
Finals: Wednesday, July 10th (Afternoon)

Rules: Adeline Duncan Seann Triubhas Challenge

  • Open to all Premier and Restricted Premier dancers.
  • Preliminary Round – Dancers will be split into age categories according to entries received to dance a 4&2 Seann Triubhas. The top six dancers from each category will receive a prize, certificate, and advance to the final round.
  • Final Round – The dancers to qualify from the Preliminary Round will be split into 4 age categories and dance a 4&2 Seann Triubhas.
  • Prize money (CAD) will be given to the top 6 finalists in each of the 4 age categories.
    • 1st Place – $350 plus a Special Award
    • 2nd Place – $250 plus a Special Award
    • 3rd Place – $150 plus a Special Award
    • 4th Place – $100 plus a Special Award
    • 5th Place – $75 plus a Special Award
    • 6th Place – $50 plus a Special Award


View Broadsword Challenge Steps

**Correction to Broadsword Challenge – Document Updated March 2nd @ 4pm ET**
Second Step – Dancers 1 + 3: Brushing and Toe Heel
Bar 1: Execute 4 outward brushes to 4th aerial position (hop LF, hop LF, spring RF, hop RF) travelling counterclockwise to the next sword to finish at the hilt facing corner B & D respectively.

Watch Broadsword Demonstration Video

Download Practice Music

Steps: Chauntal Rosborough
Music: Alastair Lee

Broadsword Challenge: Wednesday, July 10th (Afternoon)

Rules: Broadsword Challenge

  • Open to all Premier and Restricted Premier Dancers.
  • All Dancers will enter as an individual.
  • Classes will be split into 4 age categories.
  • Four-Person teams will be drawn once entries have closed.
  • Teams (by age category) will be posted in the Souvenir Programme and on the results wall outside the Kamloops Kia Lounge.
  • In the event of insufficient dancers for the final set of Broadswords in each class, fill-ins will be used from dancers who have entered first within each age category. Dancers who enter first may have more than one opportunity to compete for prizes.
  • Set steps will be required. Steps and video will be posted on

Pre-Premier Special Events

Pre-Premier Special Events: Wednesday, July 10th (Morning; after completion of Highland Events)

Rules: Pre-Premier Special Events

  • Open to all Beginner, Novice, and Intermediate dancers.
  • Steps as per RSOBHD textbooks. No set steps.
  • Beginner and Novice will dance a four (4) step Highland Fling.
  • Intermediate will dance a four (4) step Sailors’ Hornpipe.
  • Age groups and number of Special Awards will be based on entries.